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Tech’s human bottleneck: A shortage of ready-to-promote leaders could be hampering growth at technology companies

Jeff RosenthalJamen GravesDiana ZarnochGeorge Bongiorno

For all of its incredible innovation and impact on the world, the technology industry has put itself into a conundrum around talent. One the one hand, executives fret about the shortage of leaders who are ready and able to help them grow their organizations. But most of these same executives can explain in depth the myriad reasons the industry doesn’t focus heavily on developing talent.

The experience of top technology firms suggests that when a company needs to shift or expand, having ready-to-promote leaders in the pipeline is crucial. By hiring and developing people who can change, those companies don’t have to change out their people.

Author Profile: 

Senior Partner
Industry Leader, Technology
Leadership and Talent Consulting
San Francisco

Jeff Rosenthal is a Senior Partner for Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, based in the Firm’s San Francisco office. He is also the Industry Leader for the Global Technology Market.

Mr. Rosenthal brings a powerful combination of more than twenty years of experience in leadership consulting and in executive search, particularly in the technology and consumer products sectors. 

Managing Principal
Leadership and Talent Consulting
San Francisco

Jamen Graves, Ph.D., is a Managing Principal for Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, based in the Firm’s San Francisco office.

Mr. Graves brings a wealth of experience to the Firm in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, group facilitation, and organizational change. His extensive coaching expertise stems from engagements with leaders from director level up to CEO, who represent the full spectrum of industries, regions, and functions. Coaching topics include preparing high potential executives for their next big career moves, managing dysfunctional or underperforming senior teams and/or direct reports, and helping leaders improve their overall performance through targeted skill-building and onboarding. 

Senior Consultant
Leadership and Talent Consulting
San Francisco

Diana Zarnoch is a Senior Consultant for Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, based in the Firm’s San Francisco office.

Ms. Zarnoch brings a wealth of experience in the areas of organization development, leadership, consulting, training, education, and project management to Korn/Ferry. She specializes in consulting with clients to improve performance, satisfaction, and employee engagement, with an emphasis on the unique needs of key leaders.

Senior Client Partner
Human Resources
San Francisco

George Bongiorno is a Senior Client Partner in Korn/Ferry International’s San Francisco office, where he is a member of the Firm’s Human Resources Practice.

Mr. Bongiorno has conducted a variety of CHRO searches, and senior level HR business partner, talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, and talent management searches within all industries across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He has also led a number of assessment and succession projects for clients.

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